Monday, July 20, 2009

55 Central Park West

Adrienne's comment reminded me of the first time I experienced Ghostbusters.
And I use that term because, as a youngster, I was not allowed to watch it. To begin with, I was four when Ghostbusters was released theatrically, and although I had seen E.T. five times in the theater, by then my parents would be about where I am now- just not able to get out to the show every week of the year.
So, a few years later, when they got a hold of it on video, my dad and his siblings decided to watch it on one of the infamous "Night of a Thousand Cousins", during which my aunts and uncles gathered to hang out, and myself and my 10,000 cousins ran around terrorizing the neighborhood of whichever family member was brave enough to host us.
( I might be exaggerating. I probably only have about 8,500 cousins on Dad's side)
On that particular evening, still gun shy from the Creepshow on Cable freakout of the previous winter, my Dad wisely decided that maybe this Ghostbusters thing would be too scary for little kids, and so we were given our snacks, patted on the head, and sent upstairs to bed. (i.e., go play in your rooms and give us a break, already)
But we were already wise, you see. Someone had overheard the title "Ghostbusters" and, well, our curiosity was peeked. So, knowing that if we all herded downstairs we would be in trouble, we did what any enterprising young smart alecs would- we sent down a representative to spy for us.
He did a great job, too, coming back every few minutes with updates, which we were certain had to be embroidered, at least a little.
"The ghost flew right through the guy, and slimed him! He was all gross and gooey!"
"Eggs popped out and fried on the counter." and "the chair turned into a monster, and the fridge ate this lady!"
"The guys have these jet packs that shoot fireballs!"
But the coup de gras was, of course, the finale, at which point all of us littler cousins had huddled around the door like zoo animals at feeding time.
"There is this huge marshmallow guy walking through the city, and they blew him up with their jet packs, and marshmallow fell on everything, and everyone was covered in marshmallow!"

No. Way.
He had to be making that up. What he was describing was, quite possibly, the greatest movie since "The Chipmunks Big Adventure."
We spent the next day begging to watch it, which didn't happen, for some reason. I didn't actually get to watch the original movie for years, until well after the dippy afternoon cartoon version.
I was still impressed.
How can you not be? It's Ghostbusters, after all. It doesn't get any funnier or weirder than that.


MG Higgins said...

From you description I can easily imagine a bunch of kids listening in awe to a verbal description of Ghostbusters. Very, very funny.

Lily Cate said...

Oh, I finally got you on the link list.
Sorry it took so long!

Electric Youth said...

Sooo many memories flooded my mind from your post. Life with 8,500 cousins has been an adventure...

Thanks for crazy mexican pizza goodness the other night. It was fun hanging out and seeing your place!

adrienne said...

Funny story! That retelling was almost as good as the real the part about the fridge eating the lady.