Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Part of the All Inclusive Service

I've been cutting my kid's hair since he was 5 months old. Just part of the job. He has his dad's very thick head of hair, and it grows like a weed. And since he's old enough now, and I can't stand parents who use their kids as fashion accessories, I let him decide how long he wants it.

Dad and I both have pretty long hair. Pretty long? Mr. Cate's is down to his waist in the back.

Junior wants none of this. He wants it fairly short. High and tight, like Peyton Manning recommends. And he hated getting his hair cut in the cute little children's barber shop with the fire engine chairs and the muppet videos. Hated it.

So I bought myself a big electric clipper. I've used them before- on horses. How hard can it be to clip one little head?

I explained what was going to happen, that if he sat still it would all go much quicker. I even asked him how he wanted it cut, he still wasn't happy when he saw those clippers on the table. But he sat there bravely, trying not to scrunch his shoulders up while I trimmed the back of his head.

When we were all done, there were big smiles in the mirror. My customer was pleased. But most importantly, I got this ringing endorsement-

"Good job, Mom! You didn't even cut any holes in my head!"

You're welcome, son. It was the least I could do.


Just Plain Heidi said...

I love that boy. He's a keeper.

adrienne said...

Ooh, you are both brave! I cut my son's hair for a while to save money, but I was never that great at it. And I wouldn't dare try the clippers.
I'm impressed.

Lily Cate said...

I got the set with the multi-length guides. Plus, he's only 5, so if I really jacked it up, he wouldn't be mortally embarrassed, or probably even notice.
He just hates the barber place so much, that clipping it myself is easier than negotiating with him to sit in the chair!