Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Music, New Movie

Here you go, writer pals.
Some more of my current favorite inspiration.
It can be hard to find modern tunes that have a steampunk feel, but I think these guys nailed. it.
Also, Silversun Pickups have a new album that is delicious.

#1 Rather Lovely Thing
#3 Song for Jesse
#4 Falling


Exogenesis Part 1
Exogenesis Part 2
Ex0genesis Part 3

My thanks to Muse, and also Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Brilliant.
The blog has been a little slow lately. CJ is taking a summer school class, which means I start my weekdays with one pot of coffee and four hours of writing time now. Can't pass that up.

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ann foxlee said...

WOW. You are so right on this one Lily! This is definitely my new writing soundtrack! I heard the first two notes of the first song, and immediately loved it.

Thanks for the great recommendation!

weird.... my word verification is 'hater'. I'm not a hater! :-(