Monday, July 12, 2010


Working on a new steampunk ms.
This one is set far outside of Victorian England, which means it's research time. Fun research, because once I've read about the history and the mythology, I get to rewrite it all into something new and weird.
Fun times.

Anyone out there read steampunk? Need a recommendation?

I don't post a lot of reviews because, frankly, I'm not a great reviewer. Bad reviews are usually the most entertaining, and I can't bring myself to say anything negative about most books because, well, as a writer, I can't stop thinking about how much work went into the making of the book. Unlike a movie, which is the work of hundreds of people, or even music, which is a collaboration among a dozen or more, books are so singular in their creation. Of course there are many stages of editing and input along the way, many helpful minds that contribute to the finished, polished product. (shout out to all the betas out there) Still, a book is viewed so much more as a singular work.
I've seen reviewers slam books for things the author likely had no control over, like titles, or cover art, or similar works published at the same time. I know a little bit more about what goes on backstage. I just find it hard to say anything beyond, "Well, you wrote a book. Good for you! That's really hard work!"

And back to the writing...

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Heidi said...

I hear you, sister! I feel the same way. When asked for input and advice, that is one thing - but to review an entire (completed and published) work, that is an entirely different entity.

Movies, well I can critique THOSE till the cows come home. That goes for acting as well. ;)