Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I'm Doing When I'm Not Writing

We have 2 versions of a teaser trailer for Mr. Cate's new film.


Which one, peeps?


Bradmouth said...

I vote for second one. Thought the intro was creepier. This stiff is frightening. Sheesh. I love it.

Check out my new post about scary vampires and vote on your fave over at bradmouth!

theBrad (verla tag)

Anne M Leone said...

Eek, I jumped after the first one! Scary stuff! I think the second one has a better pace, and you get to see the person really close up. However, I liked the black and white in the first one and the extended running scene. I think I'll vote for the first... Both look GREAT!

Lily Cate said...

Split decision, eh?
Ben loves B&W, and I think it looks sharp, I just thought the hovering figure stood out more against all the green.
But then, the green is a little too bright and cheerful.

Oh well. This is just the teaser.
New trailer to be posted in a couple of weeks.

Anne M Leone said...

Sorry! I was worried as I was commenting that I was making your job harder! =)

But yes, I agree... the green is a little cheerful.

J.A. Palermo said...

Love scary movies! I think the b&W is creepier.

adrienne said...

Finally, my internet service is up and running again and I can watch videos...I thought the black and white version was spookier.