Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's a zombie on my lawn

My son was Dr. Zomboss for Halloween. We made a bucketful of these little guys to go on his costume. This one has decided to become my writing buddy. He keeps telling me to write "brains" for some reason...

This was the first year we were home for Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood, and it was fantastic.
We have dark, narrow streets, lots of huge, creepy old trees and no streetlights messing it all up. And we went out after dark even. With all the orange and purple Halloween lights up, it was really fantastic.

In writing news I am not, for the 31st consecutive year, joining up for NaNo.
I have a half finished WIP that doesn't need 50k more words, and I don't want to start anything news just now.
But cheers for all my NaNo writing peeps. Good luck with the NaNo project.
I have to get back to my WIP now.
I have a zombie threatening to nibble my fingers off if I don't keep typing.


Tracy Edward Wymer said...

Can you write 'brains' again?

Tina Laurel Lee said...

Love your writing buddy! Seems like a reasonable choice as to no NaNo. Still hope to see you in TPR though!

Heidi said...

I need one of those zombies. Just sayin'.