Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good News Tuedsays - Someday I'll Get the Hang of This

But not today, clearly.
However, I have news. Somebody likes my book. Somebody whose opinion I very much respect. And while that couldn't be more vague - perhaps soon I'll be able to be a little more specific - today that's enough.

Writing, or doing anything creative with an intention of pursuing it as a profession, requires such a weird paradox of being confident enough with your ideas to think anyone else would ever want to see them in book form (or painting, film, song, free association poetry, you know, pick your poison) and still being critical enough of your own work to strive for improvement. I think most writers lean toward the critical side. I know I do. Every draft I finish I sit back and think... "eh, I could do better." It's nice when someone says "Sure, but this is pretty good too." Today, I'm giving myself permission to enjoy that.

Oh, and here's a song. Listen and try not to jam along, just a little bit.

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Heidi said...

I'm glad you're taking a second to breathe in a bit of encouragement! :)