Friday, January 20, 2012


I've been spoiled. Spoiled rotten. This winter has been so ridiculously mild that just a few days ago, I was out planting spring bulbs. There was snow on the ground, and mud underneath. And I hardly wore more than a hoodie and a down vest when I left the house.

Those days are no more.
Wisconsin winter is upon us. Yesterday, the temperature finally got it's first minus of the season. Our little old furnace is firing away, trying to keep us defrosted. The cats and blankets and slippers and coffee are all helping out, too. It was supposed to have warmed up enough to start snowing by now. But it hasn't. It's still that special kind of cold that will freeze one's nostrils closed if one pinches one's nose out of doors. And you know what? It's fine.
Today is the kind of day that I sit in my old cat-clawed desk chair, wrapped in my quilt that is bleeding batting, and needs to be patched, with a chipped coffee cup, and a cold nose, and a cat with a patch of fur missing on his side, and I am so very happy to have all of it. Think of all the things I got to do today already -

I got to wake up next to my husband of nine years, and complain about how cold it was going to be when we crawled out of bed, because we were so toasty and snuggled under our mountain of blankets.

I got to make a waffle for my little son, which he barely touched as usual, and I got to see him smile with confidence about his spelling test today, and I got to hug him in his big puffy snow gear right before he climbed on the school bus. Because it's first grade, and you can still hug your mom in front of the other kids.

I had two cups of coffee with peppermint creamer. And they were delicious. 

Now I get to climb into my writing cocoon, and work on the ending of my latest first draft. I get to work on something I truly love to do. In fact, I know what I love to do.

And now the house is quiet, and my manuscript is waiting, and I am feeling very thankful, and quite a bit lucky, that all these simple things are mine today.

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Heidi said...

I wish I was home with my kitties and blankets and hot steaming mugs of coffee.