Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's Introduce the Band

So it's the year of the Dragon now. Not only that, it's the year of the Water Dragon. Some time ago, I did this painting for the year of the dragon, and I happened to pick a sea dragon as the model. Happy coincidence, I think. 

And now that we are all in our Water Dragon groove, I thought I'd take a moment to meet the band, my back up singers, the mellow balls of fluff and claws that have been there every time I've sat down to write for the past decade or so. 

My leads, Zorro and Lola. Zorro is the one on my lap every time I sit down to post on this blog. Except right now. Now he's sitting on the rug having a bath. Lola on the right has been jamming with us for twelve years now. But she only likes to work at night. Now the sun's out, so she's working on her side project, cataloging the squirrels in the back yard.

Then there's the new guys.



They showed up last summer, ready to join the crew. Ended up getting a place across town, but we still jam with them once in a while. They're good guys. Their sister Ivy is pretty sweet too. She hangs out over here.

And now that I posted a bunch of cat pictures, I'll get back to writing about writing. Promise.


Heidi said...

Ha ha ha - that's awesome! I love how Zorro *thinks* he's all that in the picture...but in reality, Lola's all, yeah, this is my window, Brother. Don't mess with me.

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Also, great picture/painting of the water dragon! I love that series that you did! :)