Saturday, April 14, 2012

L is for Lola

My kitty, Lola.
She's been with us for 12 years now, so we guess she's about 14. I brought her home from the shelter a month after Ben and I moved into our first little apartment. I went in to fill out an application, and saw her in the end cage. She was skinny and friendly and laying in the cage like the queen that she is. It took two days between filling out the application to get it approved, and make it back to the shelter.

When I went in, her little cage was empty. She was in the back room, because she had developed a very bad respiratory infection, but I took her anyway, and brought her home, and gave her little pills every day for a week, and she's been a perfectly healthy lady ever since.

Thanks for coming to stay with us, little Lola.


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Yay for Lola. Yay for you for adopting her.

Lily Cate said...

We have another rescue kitty, who will make his appearance later.
I thought it was fitting that she got to go first!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

I used to have a dog named Lola. :D