Friday, April 27, 2012

W is for Write What You LIKE

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Remember "Write what you know"?
Of course you do. Everyone has heard that before. And I don't get it, really.
I like science fiction.
I like magical realism.
I like horror, and ghosts, and monsters.
I like fantasy.
None of these things are what the author "knows" or "knew".
Fiction is made up. That's why it's not called non-fiction. If we all wrote what we knew, there would be only non-fiction.
What I know is writing, and painting, and gardening, and raising a son, and being married and having pet cats.
What I write is ghosts and pirates and constellations coming to life, and magical books and clockwork animals and witches and  people that become birds                                    Get this at Cafepress
and birds that become people, etc.
 I know none of these things to be true.
So I don't write what I Know.
I write what I Like.


Daisy Carter said...

Excellent post! I write what I like, too. Sometimes, it has something to do with something I know. Or I write based on the emotions that I know. But always, something I like.

Jocelyn Rish said...

I write some pretty crazy stuff too. The weirder it is, the more fun it is to write! But I do pull from my own emotions and the people I know to flesh everything out, so I guess it's a mix of both.

Jenny said...

The suggestion to write what I know always makes me feel like I don't know anything. I like your advice better!