Sunday, April 29, 2012

X is for Xiang Kai-shek

Yes, that is a misspelling. It is also from a running gag in the 1999 movie Go, which Mr. Cate and I have seen about 403,921 times. Because we adored it, you ask? Not really. It's a fun enough flick, but Mr. Cate and I met while we were both working at a movie theater, and one of the first movies that played there during our tenure was Go. And not many people went to see Go at say, 12:15 on Tuesday afternoon, so we would often end up hanging out there when there was nothing else to do. Which was most weekday mornings/afternoons that summer. Which is how we got to talking every day, and realized how awesome we both were, and the rest is sort of history.

So, we saw Go alot. A. Lot.
There is joke in which the characters are trying to come up with a name that begins with "X" for some dead-celebrity-alphabet game.  And towards the end of the first act, Mannie, played by Nathan Bexton, meets a drug dealer's cat, and as tends to happen in this type of movie, they have a telepathic conversation in which the cat offers Xiang Kai-shek as a solution for X, Mannie informs him that the actually spelling is Chiang Kai-shek, and then the cat informs Mannie that he is going to die. Which is about what I'd expect from a cat, if you tried to correct them in any way.
(Mannie does not die, don't worry. And the cat is fine, too, and the drug dealer is played by Timothy Olyphant, in case you needed any more reason to run out and get this movie.)

And thus, every once in a while to this day, someone will speak in the voice of our cat (always kind of effeminate and southern, for some reason) and say "Xiang Kai-shek. Famous Chinese ruler guy. Starts with an 'X'."
Yes, we are fans of very obscure quotes around here.

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