Friday, July 20, 2012

Just a Moment of Life

It's been a very busy summer over here.  Two manuscripts are out with agents (and an editor!)  I'm revising one for the 12,000th time. I have two more first drafts that have been simmering, and are just about ready for editing now.
Mr. Cate is editing a feature film, preparing to shoot a short for his anthology project next week, and writing at least two new scripts, that I know of. There could be more.
 We're teaching the kid to play tennis, since he pretty much has no use for baseball. He wants to take swimming and horseback riding lessons, too, but I'm trying to keep the activities to a manageable dull roar for now. Baseball ends this week, and then we'll start something new. He's only 7. There's plenty of time to try it all.

In the meantime, there's just about nothing more perfect than taking a stroll in the woods with my dear love, listening to the Sonny Son sing this song.

In Saturday news -  he's been with us for almost a whole week now. And he is still the cutest thing ever, and will be the baby prince of the family, I can tell. This morning, on his way to work, I asked Mr. Cate if he wanted to take the kitten with. "I really do," he said. "He'll fit in my bag." It's just cuteness overload around here.

Here's to nice little moments each day. Not big stuff, but definitely more important.


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Thanks for sharing a slice of life. Good luck with all the projects out there.

Lily Cate said...

One got a request yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if that's a great thing, or just a jiggle of that carrot that keeps me plodding ahead on Publication Road.