Thursday, September 6, 2012

In Which, for the Purposes of this Post, I am Played by Rodney Dangerfield

Or maybe Adam Sandler.
Cause I'm goin' back to school!*

I started my first new class in a very long time and it was just as much fun as when I was going all those years ago, and didn't appreciate it, only now I totally appreciate it. Maybe it's just the novelty, which I really needed. It was time to try something new, and put myself in a new environment. I find it helps as a writer to go try really new things on occasion. Keep your mind fresh, and challenged. Especially when you've been revising for months (or years). Do something to shake up those ol' cerebral neurons, and get the sparks crackling again.
Also, I can't wait to surprise all my classmates with my flawless Triple Lindy.

*to take a few classes on things I took already, long ago, but which I have gotten quite rusty at doing in reality, and so decided I could use a refresher course, and also some guidance to keep me from wandering off for another decade. There are a lot of things to play with in this world. One can get easily distracted.

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Jessica L. Foster said...

Oh I agree writer's should try new things. Going to class is such fun! Good luck!