Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Become One with the Process. The Horrible, Horrible Process...

I have a little confession to make, regarding this whole journey of writing. What's my dirty little secret?

I kind of like querying. Actually, I really like it.

 Perhaps I am a sadist, or just a glutton for punishment, but I love having something out there in the world. It's a mark of accomplishment. A milestone that every writer before me has crossed. Every book I see on the shelf is the end result of someone taking the time to create it, and having the courage to then send it out into the world. That name on the spine is someone out there who opened a letter that began with "Unfortunately" and didn't let it stop them. Someone who sent out another query, knowing they were just as likely to hear another no. Watch another door close. Be politely declined a seat at the table.

So far, this journey for me has been filled with more than a few "nos".  But there have been little "yeses" too. Enough "yeses" from enough places to keep my head above water as I tread my way across. If you're going to write for the world, you'll have to go through the query mill. Might as well enjoy the trip.


Cynthia said...

Yay for your yeses!!

I haven't queried much yet, but during the few times when I've sent stuff out, I would actually enjoy the waiting period. Here, I give myself permission not to think about my query letter/MS, and just focus on something else while I wait for a response.

Alice said...

I love that you've posted something positive on querying! This is the first positive thing I have ever read on it, I swear. Thank you!

Lily Cate said...

If you've reached the query stage, you should give yourself a triple decker high five. Not everyone makes it this far. Most people who set out to write a book never get that far.
I've tried to have a zen attitude about the whole process, and enjoy every little success, like a compliment from the agent of my favorite living writer. I'll take it, even if it ends without an offer.