Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bransford Dared me to Do It

Mr. Nathan Bransford made a list of his top 100 movies of all time, and challenged his readers to make their own.
And so, here are 100 movies I love, not in any order except as I remembered them. The criteria for making this list included only that I think the movie was awesome.

1.      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2.      Before Sunrise / Before Sunset
3.      The Black Stallion
4.      Cool Hand Luke
5.      Goodfellas
6.      The Aviator
7.      Rushmore
8.      The Royal Tennenbaums
9.      Fantastic Mr. Fox
10.  The Money Pit
11.  The Big Lebowski
12.  Stand By Me  
13.  The Blair Witch Project
14.  Where the Wild Things Are
15.  Y Tu Mama Tambien
16.  The Loneliest Planet
17.  The Secret of Kells
18.  Once
19.  Rogue Trader
20.  Trainspotting
21.  The Fountain
22.  Run Lola Run
23.  The Tree of Life
24.  Gerry
25.  Dove
26.  Risky Business
27.  Primer
28.  Blue Valentine
29.  In Bruge
30.  There Will Be Blood
31.  No Country for Old Men
32.  Solaris
33.  The New World
34.  The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
35.  Fight Club
36.  The Dark Crystal
37.  Sexy Beast
38.  The Science of Sleep
39.  Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
40.  The Brothers McMullen
41.  Greenberg
42.  O Brother, Where Art Thou?
43.  Romeo + Juliet (the Baz Luhrman version)
44.  Stardust Memories
45.  The New World
46.  Brazil
47.  Evita
48.  Rachel Getting Married
49.  Silver Linings Playbook
50.  The Dreamers
51.  Secretary
52.  Pollock
53.  Office Space
54.  Wonder Boys
55.  Pan’s Labyrinth
56.  Sideways
57.  Midnight in Paris
58.  Memento
59.  12 Monkeys
60.  The Prestige
61.  Boys Don’t Cry
62.  Cave of Forgotten Dreams
63.  The Sting
64.  The Goonies
65.  The Motorcycle Diaries
66.  Man on Wire
67.  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
68.  Casino
69.  Somewhere
70.  A Mighty Wind
71.  Youth in Revolt
72.  SLC Punk
73.  Match Point
74.  Boogie Nights
75.  2 Days in New York
76.  The Triplets of Belleville
77.  25th Hour
78.  Away We Go
79.  The Social Network
80.  American Splendor
81.  True Romance
82.  Say Anything
83.  Election
84.  The Virgin Suicides
85.  Into the Wild
86.  The Informant!
87.  All the President’s Men
88.  Electric Horseman
89.  Fitzcarraldo
90.  Clue
91.  Drive
92.  Traffic
93.  Young Adult
94.  The Departed
95.  Before Night Falls
96.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
97.  An Education
98.  JFK
99.  Burn After Reading
100.                      The Great Muppet Caper


Cynthia said...

I saw that post yesterday! I might be able to list 100 movies I've seen that I liked, but to think of 100 faves--now that's a challenge. I'm so glad you mentioned The Goonies- that's one of my old time favorites. Your list reminds me that I still need to see Young Adult.

Jeremy Bates said...

I have seen all of your list save for 21 of them. That must have took some time to compile that list! Good list and good job.

Daisy Carter said...

Ooh, see, this is the kind of list I wish I were cool enough to have. My top 100 would have movies like Clueless and The Little Mermaid. :)

Lily Cate said...

Young Adult was a surprise to me. Mr. Cate made me go see it. I was expecting something completely different.

And you can put whatever movies you want on your own list. That's the fun part ;)