Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ever More a Snob

Here we are at the start once again. Not just a new year, but a new b'ak'tun as well. And we (as a whole) survived.

The end of the last b'ak'tun was mildly eventful for me, in many non-writing related ways. Our littlest person got much bigger, and has chosen his future vocation. (astrophysicist.) Our little baby kitten is now our second biggest cat, on his way to becoming the biggest kitty in the house any day now.

 I have tried many new things, and become, I'm afraid to say, a bit spoiled.
I was already a pretty solid book snob. And movie snob. Not so much with music, perhaps because it takes less time investment to listen to a song, and much more to explore the intimidating amount of music available these days, and perhaps because it continues to be fun to watch Mr. Cate's eye twitch whenever I turn on the radio in the car to any station owned by Clearchannel. (shudder.)

My entire adult life I've been a used car gal. In 2012, we bought our first new car ever. And yeah, I like driving it more than the way older, slightly clunky one.

Also in 2012, I became the owner of an e-reader. Yup. I'm an e book person now. I feel like Spock, or something.

Also in 2012, I was introduced to Kona coffee, fresh ground in my very own little electric grinder, which is the funnest thing to use.

I like all of these things. I think I'll stick with them. In this new b'ak'tun though, I'm going to try to be less of a book snob.


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Dang girl! This b'ak'tun is working for you! And for that monster cat!

Anita said...

My kids are tortilla snobs...they insist on homemade. I'm a peanut butter snob...only eat the natural stuff. Embrace your snobbiness.

Lily Cate said...

Jaye - that monster cat is only 7 months old!

Anita - We're au natural peanut butter snobs too! And wheat bread, the grainer the better :D
My kid only had white bread once, when he was four, at a friend's house. He had no idea what it was.