Friday, February 15, 2013

The Zen Revisionist Part 1: Patience, Grasshopper

So, I am a confirmed panster when it comes to early drafts of a new manuscript. I love sitting down and just letting the words spill out until I have something like a book put together.
I know that is a terrible mindset to have whilst revising. I know this, and yet I have ignored it on too many  occasions. Once I have revision notes, and a list of fixes, and I just want to tear through them as fast as I can blurt out those first drafts.
No, no, no, silly zombie.
I'm learning to be more zen about the revising process. To take more time with each chapter, paragraph, and sentence. To let the changes I've made stew and simmer for a while, before considering them "finished".
To go back over those changes after a little bit of simmering, and give them a hard stare, and a good kick in the tires.

In other  words, I've realized I have to take my time, and as I've said before, embrace the process. The horrible, horrible process.

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