Friday, May 3, 2013

Full of Tomato Goodness

That's right, this is a ketchup post!

So, the last time I posted on the ol' blog, I was all psyched up to jump into a March project. Weeellll.... I missed March Madness. I missed A-Z April. And why? Well, I needed a little break. A little writing break, a little blogging break (though I am ever a more loyal reader that writer) a little literary break in general.
What was I up to?

Lots of running.
I'm up to 4 miles at a stretch now, and all signed up for my first 5k in less than a month. (!)

That's right, I'm doing the Color Run for reals! (photos will follow, for sure!) And my team needed tutus, of course, and that has become another giant (super fun) project.

Also, it turns out my awesome, fluffy headed son is just as much of a Whovian as his dear old mum, so we had to watch all of the modern era Dr. Who episodes, from Christopher Eccleston through David Tennant (son's favorite) through Matt Smith (my favorite).
Then, we had to make son's bedroom door into a Tardis.

So, basically, I needed a refresher. I needed to back away from the manuscripts, at least for a short while, and generate some new ideas, do something I found engaging and exciting again. 

Writing, as we all know, can be so isolating and solitary. It suits me, as I am a solitary person by habit. So every once in a while, it becomes necessary to take a breath, and a step back, and try something new. Get the Idea Motor all tuned up and running like a champ. And now I'm all jazzed up, and ready to jump back into my manuscripts again. 

So what is up in bloggerland? How's spring been treatin' you? 


Jenny said...

Welcome back. I envy anyone who can run more than half a mile. I would need to be chased by a large carnivore to make it four miles.

Happy May!

Jenny at Choice City Native

Mirka Breen said...

Happy you're back. Wasn't the first of March just yesterday?

Lily Cate said...

It's good to be home!
Jenny - hope you're enjoying the snow ;)
I am a snow lover, but I was happy to finally see spring this year!

And Mirka, yeah. March and April were the fastest months evah, for some reason. They were just here and gone!

Becky said...

So glad you enjoyed your break, Lily, and congrats on your running!