Saturday, May 11, 2013

Healthy Writer's Club - Something I Can Actually Join

Can I say  how much I love this idea??
I love this idea!
Thanks to the brilliant Shailee McArthur for getting this started. No rules except make an effort to be healthier, to balance out the inherently unhealthy nature of sitting all day at the computer. (Great for the manuscript, not so great for the rest of you.)

Today is exactly two weeks until I run in my very first 5k. Yay!

Just over three months ago, I wasn't even a runner. I hadn't done any running since I was forced to in high school, to get that ridiculous P.E. credit out of the way.
I've been an on-again-off-again exerciser since Cate Jr. arrived, and no longer could I eat nothing but hot pockets and dr. pepper and still fit into my size 4 jeans. (this was actually how I got through college. Ah, those good old irresponsible days of yore.)
I do not like exercising. Or rather, I like it at first, but anything repetitive becomes boring very quickly, even those dancy workouts and all the sci-fi looking equipment in the big monument of a gym with the bank of windows overlooking the lake. Cool at first, and then quickly very boring.

But 14 weeks into this project, I still love running. I've gone from stumbling my way through a whole mile to running 4 whole miles at a time. I now run 2-3 miles at least four times a week.  Even just doing the same routes in my cozy little neighborhood has stayed fresh and interesting. The scenery has changed from snowy to damp to beautiful budding spring. The changing weather has been a challenge too, conditioning myself to run as it gets hotter and hotter. Winter was easier, for sure.
And I have the best jogging buddies, including my sis in law, Jen, and my Mr. Cate, (who can still live on Mountain Dew, cinnamon bears and microwave pot pies and not gain an ounce - and I mean not an  ounce, since he was 23.)

So I'm going to keep on running, and keep on writing, and I'd love to meet some new peeps who are working on doing the same!


annebingham said...

Good for you! As a veteran of four 5K -- the first finishing so slowly that they'd taken down the finish line by the time I got there, the most recent this past September with a time that dazzled me -- I know what it takes to get out there, especially if you haven't been athletic before. I'm going to start training for the next one this week.

And congratulations on the agent, too!

Lily Cate said...

Hi Anne!
Good luck with the training :)

And thank you;)