Thursday, May 9, 2013

Writing to Distraction

Thanks to all my new Wednesday Peeps for stopping by!
Everyone seemed to love the pillows, too. Double thanks for that! But enough about handicrafts for a moment.

I'm digging into a very thorough revision right now, and it's taking over most of my available brainpower. There's enough space left up there for making the son's lunch in the morning, and filling the kittehs' water bowl, and not much else.

For instance -
Two days ago, I bought myself a new pair of sunglasses. A nice wrap around kind with grippie arms, good for jogging when I'm not in my beautiful tree covered neighborhood. So, I find this great pair of sunglasses, I'm all happy. I put on these brand new sunglasses the second I step out of the store.
Then, I look down at my phone, and think, "Geeze, the screen looks so dark! Is something wrong here?"

Then, I get into the car, and pick up my iPod, and think, "Man! This screen is so dark too! What is going on with the technology today?"


Then... and only then... do I realize I am wearing the sunglasses... which I just bought ... three minutes ago...

But I figured out what I was doing in chapters 2, 3, and four. So, I win.

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