Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

There have been a lot of awesome dads in my family, not just my dear husband, and my own dads, but lots of dads before them, so let's get in the way back machine, because I love looking at old photos ;)

My great grandpa Tom Mills, as a teenager. His middle daughter would one day marry
The handsome fellow on the bottom, in the middle, my grandpa Harvey.
He had four adorable kids of his own, the first of which was my mother. 

On the other side of the family,
we have great grandpa Gilbert, (and grandma Laura)
who's daughter would one day marry

This troublemaker, grandpa Frank,  and have ten troublemaking kids of their own,
the seventh one being my dad.
This guy. Hi Dad! 

There he is, with little tiny me, oh, 30 years ago,
about the time he stopped shaving that mustache.

And here's my own sprout, with his dad, my dear Mr. Cate. 

Mr. Cate, my stepdad, Mike, and Cate Jr.
on the train at Disneyland, which is clearly awesome. 

Happy Father's day to my dad, my wonderful stepdad, my Mr., my Mr.'s dad, and thanks to all the dads who came before them, and taught them to be the wonderful fathers they all became. We wouldn't be here without you guys. And we wouldn't know how to drive a car,  pitch a tent, cook a pizza on a grill, bowl, catch a baseball, use a Commodore 64 computer, appreciate both classic rock and Neil Diamond, ski, ride a bike, cast a fishing pole, start a fire, use power tools, tile a bathroom, plant a tree, appreciate literature, or be the free spirits we are, among a thousand other things. Basically, we couldn't get through the day without you. And we know how lucky we are :) 

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Leandra Wallace said...

I love looking at old pics too, especially family. Hope all your guys had a wonderful Father's Day!