Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

*"What's Up Wednesday" is run by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk, and is an awesome weekly bloghop that gives readers and writers a great venue to keep in touch through the magical world of blogs. Come hop with us!*

I know it's a day late. But I missed the last two due to revision related tunnel vision, and I don't want to miss this week as well!!

What I'm Reading 

Er, nothing at the moment.
Waiting for my copy of The Ocean at the End of the Lane to arrive!

What I'm Writing 

Just finished a revision, and sent it off to the agent for inspection. Next, I'll be diving back into a MG ghost story that I love, but needs a massive rewrite.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Possibilities! For the first time on my writing journey, I'm not querying. Which is weird, and refreshing. I feel like I can concentrate on my manuscripts fully, and not worry about tracking queries, and working on revision requests, and researching places to submit - I've got people to do that for me now ;)

What Else I'm Up To 

Dude, a LOT. So I'll try to keep it simple here.

Strawberries are growing! Also Tomatoes!!

Running is much harder in the summer. I hate sweating. I hate hot weather. But I love running, so suck it up, buttercup. It's going to get way warmer before the fall. (Ooh, I love fall!)

My little son is trying many new things this year, including horseback riding and swimming lessons, and keeping up with some old hobbies too. Yesterday, he got the game ball at his baseball game! Go Junior!

Checked off the first item on my June Not-Writing-Related-To-Do-List. Last night, Mr. Cate and I saw Before Midnight. Loved it so much, I'll have to give it a post all to itself!

So that's my wrap up. What have you been up to??


Natasha Hanova said...

I missed on Wednesday, too! No having to query sounds so dreamy.

Best of luck with your MG ghost story.

Fellow delinquent WUW member #56

Natasha Hanova said...
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Bridgid Gallagher said...

Congrats on finishing your revision! That's exciting. :)