Monday, July 22, 2013

On Making Things Happen

As writers (as most of you are) I think we're all familiar with the concept of "Making Things Happen."
We all understand this, I hope.
It doesn't really work like this -

1. Write manuscript. 
2.  ???? 
3.  Profit. 

There are a few more steps in there. Like revising, and submitting, and revising some more, and then more submitting and later probably more revising. And then Repeat. 
Step One is a big deal. You have to do Step One to get yourself in the race. 
But then, you also have to start running, instead of standing at the starting line, waiting for someone to hand you the trophy. (Or some other heavy handed metaphor for trying.) 

I thought I was pretty good at this concept. That I understood the idea of getting your work out there, and being ready for the ups and downs of pursuing art of any kind beyond being a personal hobby. 
This year, for instance, I just wanted to make some kind of progress on the writing front. To move in some way that I could consider "forward". 
And I did, to my delight and surprise. I snagged an agent! And that filled me with pride and satisfaction for about ten whole minutes, before it just became a reflection of all the other things I have just let kind of fall off the radar while I was on my writing bender. 
Writing and art are my two main goals, of course. The focus of my time here on this spinning bit of rock is to Make All the Things. 

So, I'm on my way with the writing. It might not be an easy road, or a straight road, but I'm on it, and I'm moving forward. 
But there are other things I'd like to change as well, other things going on in my day to day world that I would do differently, if I could. Only... I can! It's a weird thing, to realize that you can totally change things, and then realize that you haven't been doing it, but without any real reason. Or to realize that the Reason was really just an Excuse. 
Now that I have made some progress on the writing front, I've decided to challenge myself in other ways, too. Let's see how far I can go with this idea of Making Things Happen. Maybe not big grand things, but things that are important to me :) 

How about you? Anything you'd like to do differently?  Something as little as changing your daily routine, or as big as changing careers? 


Mirka Breen said...

So very true.
There's writing/creating.
Then there's seeking to be published.
The first has its ups and downs, but if your are a writer, it is an ride exhilarating- both directions of the rollercoaster.
The publication side requires some of the same things, but many that are distinctly different, because a large part is no longer up to you.

Leandra Wallace said...

Um...I'm trying to drink more water, does that count? =) On a more serious note, I'd like to get my homelife more organized, and stop feeling like I'm barely keeping up w/everything. With more forethought and better time management, I think I can do it!

Jaye Robin Brown said...

I wish I wasted less time on the Internet. Except, I live way out in the country and sometimes the Internet is my only interaction with not only writer folk, but folk (other than my partner).

But I've also learned to cut myself some slack. And make the best choices in the moment.

Now off to MAKE ALL THE THINGS :0)

Medeia Sharif said...

It's important to be proactive. I remember being in my late teens submitting things for the first time. I had all these dreams of things happening fast and requests and deals falling into my lap. The reality of rejection got me out of that mindset. A writer really needs to move things along. I don't mean writing in haste, because that's not any good, but pushing ahead with completed, polished work.

Lily Cate said...

Ahh, you gals get it :)

Thank you so much for being part of the wonderful writerly world!!