Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Those November Goals

Here we are, already 1/3 of the way through November.
To you NaNoers, keep on writing. You're not yet at the "oh crap" stage, no where near too far to finish. No matter how many or few words you have written so far, you can get there, if you stick to it.

If any of you had the harebrained idea to participate in No Sugar November, as I did, stay strong, good buddies. It really is a challenge. Cookies and ice cream and candy are hard to give up, but my biggest obstacle was the coffee. I HAD to find a way to make a good cup of coffee without the sugar. Some of my sugar free compatriots are fans of the splenda, and stevia, and other assorted fake sweeteners. I just cannot eat them. The solution? Cream and cocoa (unsweetened cocoa powder) makes a nice macchiato kind of flavor. (but let's be real, on Dec. 1 I'm dumping the peppermint creamer in there like a boss.)

On the writing front, I'm just shy of the halfway point on the current revision of my WIP. I took a short break from writing directly to do some plotting and planning, and otherwise arranging of the elements, to make sure this was heading in the right direction. And I suspect that it is.
Tomorrow will be a writing day. A precision writing day, not just a bang out the word count kind of day.

Any November goals that are going well for you? Not so well? Ready to just get the rest of the year over with??

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