Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looks Like We Made It

Welcome to 2014!
As Greenberg might say, I'm weirdly On this year. 2013 had the highest peaks and the lowest lows of any single year for me. And since I've learned all I can from the lows, let's just focus on the highs. I made tremendous progress in my work, both writing and otherwise. This was the Year of the Agent, after a long, careful  and very patient search. I am fully prepared for the next step to follow the same pattern.  I'm starting off with plenty of books in the works that still excite and motivate me to keep going. Outside of writing, I've found the work of my dreams in my little Etsy shop. It may be a small start, but it seems to be the right trail for me. And it took a long time to find that, so I do truly cherish every moment that I have the privilege to continue forward in that direction.

I'm not a big resolution maker, but I do love setting goals, so here are a few to start -
Finish the 3 WIPs that I have been daintily piecing together since last year. Time to get some of these done!
Get back to running regularly. I was doing really well up through September, when we had a wild readjustment of priorities around here. To keep myself fresh, I need to find the time to run as much as the time to write.
And that's enough for now. Time to write!


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Yet no link to the Etsy shop? :(

Jaye Robin Brown said...

Never mind! I scrolled down your blog page :)