Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Happy Wednesday! Let's jump right in, shall we? 

What I'm Reading 

NW by Zadie Smith. I read On Beauty last year, and loved it. Just started NW, but so far, it's the same kind of wonderful. There is a lot of experimental formatting in this one, but Smith is the kind of writer who crafts sentences, and makes you want to note the construction, so she gets a pass. Otherwise, that kind of thing can get a book permanently stuck at the bottom of my TBR pile.  

What I'm Writing 

Last 10k of my MG revisions. I've been attempting to set deadlines on finishing this, but I finally realized that self constructed deadlines don't work for me. I don't need motivation to sit down and write. I love writing. And this revision has been pretty intensive. It's not just clean up or line edits. There has been a fair bit of rewriting, and brand new chapters. So far out of the original 60k, I've cut at least 5500 words, and added back 7500. There is no need to rush, and I'm liking the result, so while I'd like to have it "done by x date", if it doesn't happen, there's no need to panic.  

What Inspires Me Right Now 

Livin' the dream. No, things aren't perfect.  But when it comes to the average day in the life, I really couldn't have it any better. Cute house, adorable son, gorgeous and talented husband, sunshine, flowers outside my window, books to read, books to write. Cat on my lap while I work on my manuscript. Playing video games with the kid in the morning, doing some gardening with him in the afternoon. Glass of wine and a movie with the husband at night. I am completely spoiled. 

What Else I'm Up To

Being the hipsters that we are, we made homemade marshmallows. Chocolate, mint and lemon flavors. I am the queen of screwing up recipes, but these basically me-proof. Turned out great. You do need a candy thermometer, and it does make a hell of a sticky mess, but it all cleans with warm water. And if you are a peeps fan like myself, and miss the peppermint stars that are only out for Christmas, then homemade minty marshmallows are for you.  

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Miss Cole said...

Life does sound pretty good. Best of luck with the rest of those revisions :D