Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

"What's Up Wednesday" is run by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk, and is an awesome weekly bloghop that gives readers and writers a great venue to keep in touch through the magical world of blogs. Come hop with us!*

Happy Wednesday! Already! Again!
See, this is how I end up missing a week or so. It's summer, and days of the week are fairly meaningless around here, and I just sat down for some legit writing time when the computer clock happened to note that it was, in fact, Wednesday again. Thank you, computer clock. 

What I'm Reading 

Did some beta reading for a critique buddy, on a very early draft of a very fun story. 

What I'm Writing 

The MG revision is humming along. Really, really happy with it so far, even the middle chapter that had me running in circles for two straight days. It's much better now.

What Inspires Me Right Now 

Polar Vortex Summer. Seriously. It's been cool and rainy here, where summer is normally a scorching wasteland. So kid is happy inside reading books with me, and I don't feel tremendous mom guilt that I'm not making every summer day some kind of pinterest wonderland for my precious angel. (Which you shouldn't feel guilty about ever anyway, but I know moms, and any time you think you *should* be spending time with your kid - even if the kid doesn't even want to - feels like some kind of motherly betrayal. We should all work on that.)

What Else I'm Up To

I moved into my "new" office, which is the spare bedroom in our house, and is now my writing room and etsy store headquarters. I even have my own bathroom, which I have to share with the cats, but hey, most offices have co-workers after all. 


Erin L. Funk said...

Ooo, I'm jealous of your new office! I tend to move around the house when I write and often mourn the fact that we no longer have an office. Glad to hear your revision is going well and that you're content with your cool, rainy weather. I much prefer it like that too, but alas we're getting a heat wave. :)

Miss Cole said...

Your new office sounds great :D Good luck with the revisions.

meredithmansfield said...

Someday, I'm going to set up my own office, too.

Lily Cate said...

It only took four moves and 12 years to end up in my own space :)