Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's Up Wednesday, Welcome Back Edition

"What's Up Wednesday" is run by Jamie Morrow and Erin Funk, and is an awesome weekly bloghop that gives readers and writers a great venue to keep in touch through the magical world of blogs. Come hop with us!*

Ah, it's been a while - Good to be back! 

What I'm Reading 

Read John Green's Paper Towns on an airplane. Waiting for a new box of books to arrive on my doorstep any moment now.  

What I'm Writing 

A new historic, magically realistic MG, along with my ghost story MG, which was stalled a bit. But I figured out a few of the problems while on hiatus. Hopefully I'll have two sparkly new manuscripts by the end of the year.  

What Inspires Me Right Now 

Coffee. Cold weather. A fresh sheet of paper and a new bolt of fabric. It's my favorite time of year, and colder than average too, which I LOVE. 

What Else I'm Up To

Well, I spent the last almost two weeks of August here: 

Hello Kona! 

I spent my birthday in a volcano, snorkeled on a coral reef, fed a wild sea turtle, visited a beach made of gemstones, and slept in a room where dolphins woke us up each morning outside the window. Yeah, can't complain. 

Our lodgings.

Mr. Cate making a new friend at the cafe. 

Cate Junior on the beach at Anaeho'omalu Bay 

And now that we're home - Big art show this weekend! This will be my second year in a row at the Art Farm in Holy Hill. Last year was fantastic. I can't wait for some live music, fresh local food, sunny late summer weather and meeting up with all the fantastic artists I met last year at the Farm. But that means that this week is sewing and prepping time. Next week will be diving back into writing time. 

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend lined up! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

I Love September

Love it. This just might be the best month of the year. Seriously.
Around here we celebrate the little guy's birthday, and the big kids' anniversary (#12). In September the weather starts to change, sometimes not until the very end, sometimes right at the beginning, like this year, although it was my favorite kind of summer - cold.
Today I did two of my favorite non writing things. After the school bus left, Mr. Cate and I went back to our dark, quiet bed and fell back asleep for a few more hours, while it rained outside. After I finally had to get up and participate in the day, I put on my slippers for the first time since last spring.
Slippers, coffee, and a new manuscript. It rarely gets better than that.