Friday, January 30, 2015

Embarking on a Project to Relaunch the Other Blog

So, my darling, charming, dashingly handsome husband makes movies. And watches movies. And loves to write about movies. He puts together some of the most head turning essays on film that I have ever read. But he bangs them out and posts them to his business related facebook page, which, because of the new algorithms, hardly anyone gets to read. So I decided to start migrating a lot of that content to the blog he completely neglects, partially to get the content backed up somewhere other than facebook, and partly to start building an audience for his blog. 
I went through and pulled three of the most recent essays, and posted them here

And I'll be adding more daily. But there are... a lot. So, so many. He writes these things faster than I can keep up. This is going to take a while. 
Anyway, if you'd like to follow the revamped September Son Films blog, we'd love to have you! 

Film Count 2015 : 30
Watched this week:
(*not first viewing)

It Felt Like Love 
Drinking Buddies*
The Motel Life
The Woman in the Fifth
The Beach*

Things that are technically TV shows even though I only watch them streaming on the computer: 9
New this week:


Books of 2015 : 7
New this week:

Er...Nothing. I've been working on a revision for most of this week. Waiting for my copies of Thieves of State and Trigger Warning to arrive on my doorstep.

Things I'm Eagerly Awaiting in 2015 this week:

The next Lockwood & Co. book in paperback. And seeing something at the Oriental in Milwaukee in the next week or two. 

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