Sunday, January 25, 2015

Instant Playlists

So, I am not a playlist maker as a habit. I've done a few on occasion, but generally speaking, I have no time for that noise. I wasn't a mix tape kind of girl. I bought the CDs I loved, and learned pretty early on that the rest of the regular radio fare grew teeth grindingly stale by the time it cycled out of the top 40 rotation. My brother is the musically inclined one. The one who plays four (or five?) instruments, the one who toured in London with his college band, the one who knows every single artist that hits the popular hive mind six months before I've ever heard of them.
In summation, I was not the kind of girl who kept up with the music scene.
And then Pandora happened. And I don't have to put together playlists anymore. They just happen!

How aptly named, sweet muse of harmony!
Your algorithms play straight to my soul,
With troubadours of old and new alike,
Revealed as if we were old acquainted!

In other words, I have suggestions.
For background music - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
For running music - Two Door Cinema Club, or M83
For all those bands you can't remember the names of - The Submarines
For refreshing music - Bon Iver


And now onto the weekly updates.
Film Count 2015 : 22
Watched this week:
(*not first viewing)

The Artist is Present
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou*
Fantastic Mr. Fox* 

Things that are technically TV shows even though I only watch them streaming on the computer: 8
New this week

The Fall

Books of 2015 : 7
New this week:

Telegraph Avenue
The Structure of Scientific Revolution
The Darkest Part of the Forest

Things I'm Eagerly Awaiting in 2015 this week:

Watching a tremendous list of foreign films that just came to Netflix

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Miss Taken said...

The Fantastic Mr. Fox = good viewing.