Friday, January 9, 2015

Things You Can Do With A Blog

I still love my blog. I still see a lot of fellow bloggers out there. Although with all the other options available that sometimes test my patience worse than a census taker, most of the peeps who were blogging when I started are either gone completely or have scaled back to the realm of long lists of "Hey I'm Back" posts, punctuated by weeks or months of silence.


Originally, this blog was a way to connect with fellow emerging writers, as I fumbled my way through the querying game. That's over for the time being. I have a superstar agent who does the querying for me (yay!) though I do miss it sometimes. When the waits become long, as they are wont to do in this world of stodgy old publishing, I used to be able to just shoot out a few new queries, see if anyone responded. In a way, being out on submission is being even more adrift than when I sent those first fumbling, misfired attempts out into the big wide world. Now I must be patient. I must wait politely without touching the cake or messing up my nice dress before the guests arrive. Well nuts to that.

Eventually, this will be the place to talk about any book type news. Exciting news. Like... anything.
For now, I'm left with the other options for blogging, like talking about my daily activities, but those are not going to be particularly exciting.

Work for me involves sitting down and writing, drawing, painting or sewing. Repeat for 365 days.
Work for darling dearest husband (who always knows he's going to be asked to do something when he gets called thusly) involves sitting at a computer and clicking on files until a movie is pieced out from hundreds of hours of footage. Repeat for 365 days. You're all caught up.

So, for 2015, I'm going to just keep a loose record of things that are awesome that I'd like to share with the world, mostly the writing world of course, but anyone else that wanders in, welcome, and go ahead and share things you find that are

Here we go :

Film Count 2015 : 12

The Deep Blue Sea
Edge of Tomorrow
The Summit
Last Night
Cast Away
1976: Hunt vs Lauda
After Hours
The Art of Flight
Only Lovers Left Alive
Night Moves
The Spectacular Now

Things that are technically TV shows even though I only watch them streaming on the computer: 2

Mozart in the Jungle
Bored to Death

Books : 1
Greenglass House

Things I'm Eagerly Awaiting in 2015: 6+
Trigger Warning, from Neil Gaiman, which comes out in less than a month.
The Imitation Game, Inherent Vice, and A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, all of which are out, but I haven't had the chance to see them yet.
Crimson Peak - but we'll have to wait for the fall
Knight of Cups -? not sure when this one will be released.
Anything Werner Herzog, Sophia Coppola or Wes Anderson decide to make this year, but I don't know of any upcoming projects at the moment.

I could post reviews of each individual item, and sometimes I will, but at this point, I would recommend all of the above. I much prefer having discussions about books and film than reviewing them anyway.
So, what would you recommend I add to the list for the coming year? Only 51 weeks left now.


Leandra Wallace said...

I see a lot of ppl talk about not blogging regularly, or if at all anymore. I'm still new enough to it that I've got lots of posts I still want to get out. 3 or 5 years from now? Dunno... Wishing you some fast news soon, I can only imagine being on sub is torture!

Lily Cate said...

The process is slooooow.
But since there's been forward progress through all these months and years (!) it's actually been tolerable.

Best of luck to you with your goals this year!

Miss Taken said...

I'm back at it as well. A new blog for this year but I'm sure I'll go back to the other one. I felt like a new topic deserved a new blog. Plus, I had some time on my hands and played around between blogger and wordpress - settling back on blogger being the better option for me.

Anyway, hi.

Lily Cate said...

yay! You're back!!
Love the new look, too, dollface :)

Miss Taken said...

New year, new face. I mean, why not? ;)