Friday, March 6, 2015

A Bunch of Little Things

1. Snow. Ugh. I love winter, but this one has been bitter cold and extra long, and I'm ready for some gardening, and running outdoors regularly, and not having to chip ice off of anything (especially my car) for at least a full day.

2. I cannot decide what to revise next. I have rough/early drafts of three different projects, which all have characters, plots, settings, all the good stuff, but need to be sorted into proper books, and every time I start working on one, I get ideas for another, and I really want to pick one and focus on rewriting and polishing, but I cannot. Alas. 

3. I love pottery. I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but I had two uncles who were potters by trade, and one cousin and aunt who still work in the field. I love handmade pottery, and I'm very much in the market for a set of beautiful, unique dishes for use around the Cate household. But I'm also a complete klutz, of the kind that's prone to dropping things and chipping dishes in the sink, which is why we're down to three plates, and I am in the plate purchasing market. 

4. The word "dog" has come up a few times with the pre-teen child. Never in an instant way, but just enough to remind me that he hasn't forgotten a little discussion we had, in which I said we could maybe start entertaining the idea of possibly someday getting a dog. I know I could use the requirement to get up and out of the house every day. (working from home on your own business doesn't mean "loads of free time". It means, "I feel like I should always be working".) We do have a beautiful dog park about half a mile from here, and a big lake, and lots of pretty winding roads for walks and jogging. And two tremendous county parks within a five minute drive. The issue has been put on the itinerary for further discussion, is where we stand at the moment. The idea sounds fantastic in the summer and fall, and horrid in the snowy, snowy winter and the muddy, rainy spring. 

5. We also have one very old cat, who deserves a quiet retirement before we go bringing a huge slobbering animal into the family. She's already 17, and has her good and bad days. She was looking pretty pathetic the past few months, but I've been giving her lots of her favorite food (anything in a can, and lots of creamy things) and she's going through something of a renaissance. Trotting around the house, jumping up on the furniture, snuggling with us at night, which she never used to do. My mother in law stopped by with her dog earlier this week, and the old lady cat shrugged and went back to sleep. It was the "little" cat (youngest and biggest, of course) that was shocked, and spent the whole visit hiding behind my legs.

So that's about it for now. For those of you in sunny climates, my eternal envy. For those of you with even more snow and less mercury than we have up here, I salute you.

Film Count 2015 : 53 
Watched this week:
(*not first viewing)

John Wick
Chasing Amy*

Things that are technically TV shows even though I only watch them streaming on the computer: 14
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House Hunters International 

Books of 2015 : 11
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Nothin' new. I am getting behind, and it's high time to get to a bookshop! 
Sometime this week, I will go. Promise.  

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