Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Who Would You Choose to Read Your Book?

Aloud, that is.

Today I ran across the recording of Sally Gardner's The Red Necklace read by one Tom Hiddleston, who, it turns out, has not only the most beautiful speaking voice, but is also a pretty impressive voice actor, with a good range of accents at his disposal.   (and he was in a few superhero movies, I have been informed)
And, I wondered, who would I pick, if I could have any beautiful voice in the world, to read my current WIP when it eventually becomes a real manuscript, and, hopefully, an actual book?

This was trickier than I thought. I love playing the casting game, picking actors to play our favorite characters thought I have gotten in trouble with a few fellow writers for my unconventional picks. Sorry, fellow scribes, I stick by my choices!
For my last manuscript, I have no idea. But the one that's on the drawing board right now? That would have to be Tilda Swinton. In fact, if I could get her to read me the passages as I write them, that would probably get this written a lot faster, so let's see if I can hook that up.

How about you? Who would you trust, with your words?

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Mirka Breen said...

Have you considered becoming a casting director? Some say theirs is the most important job when it comes to the movies.

Anna Staniszewski said...

Fun question! I love audiobooks in which the author is also the reader, and since I have a theater background, I'd like to think that I could pull that off. But really, I'm sure someone else would be much better for the job. :)

Lily Cate said...

I've actually done some casting, at a very introductory level!
(college theater, indie films)

Lily Cate said...

I don't think I could read my own work either - I could never stop editing, and probably find things to change as I read :P

marciastrykowski.com said...

I love audiobooks, too. Right now I'm listening to Elizabeth McGovern read The Chaperone. Interesting that the main character (Cora) has the same name as Elizabeth's character on Downton Abbey.