Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Star Thief & OwlCrateJr!

Wow, it's been a wild couple of weeks!
THE STAR THIEF is officially out in the world, finding readers and making appearances (with me)at bookstores!
And in other amazing news, THE STAR THIEF is the April OwlCrateJr. box book! This was such an honor and a surprise! Owl Crate has been doing a YA book subscription box for a while now, with really amazing books and surprises. They just added the OwlCrateJr for middle grade starting in March. My book was the second ever Jr box!

Of course I love knowing my book is getting to readers, but the bonus is getting to see pictures and videos of THE STAR THIEF out in the world, in the hands of kids and adults alike, and getting to see their reactions! It is a total heart melter. And there are some really talented photographers out there, making some amazing images with the book and all the cool themed treats!

Check them out at the #owlcratejr page :)

✨APRIL OWLCRATE JR UNBOXINGπŸŒ™ • This month's @owlcratejr theme was Written in the Stars, and guys. I LOVED this box. 😭 I'm currently reading the book and.. asdghjk. Such a lovely middle grade read so far. Let's take a look at what was inside: ✨Pocket Star Finder from @toysmithtoys πŸŒ™ Lenticular Constellation notebook by @mudpuppykids ⭐️ Exclusive star pen by OwlCrate Jr 🌌 Planet zipper pull by @foxville_art πŸ’« THE STAR THIEF by Lindsey Becker ✨ This book sounds so amazing, and it came with a signed bookplate, a letter from the author (that doubles as the gorgeous poster you see in the picture) and a gorgeous bookmark. You guys should definitely check out the book on GoodReads! (And how gorgeous is the cover 😍) • The May theme is ON THE CASE, and is for all the little detectives out there! πŸ” #owlcratejr • Thank you so much @owlcratejr for sending me this awesome box!
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