Friday, August 5, 2016

The Star Thief Cover Reveal!

It's finally here! The cover for my debut novel, The Star Thief! 

I love this so much! Illustrated by Antonio Caparo, who has done covers for some amazing authors, and now me! There will be a few interior spreads as well, in the finished book, and they are just as gorgeous as this one. (I've gotten a few peeks!)
The Star Thief will be out in April 2017 from Little Brown. It's going to be an incredible spring!


Mirka Breen said...

This is a beautiful cover, and it conveys magic, hope, and a luminous journey.

Knitting is Gluten Free said...

The cover is STUNNING! Congratulations. Come on, Spring, 2017!

Cherie Colyer said...

That is an amazing cover. Congrats on your upcoming book!

Lily Cate said...

Thank you, thank you!
It's been very exciting so far!