Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting Ready For THE STAR THIEF with Bookmarks!

It's just under one month until the debut of THE STAR THIEF!
To get ready, I'm sharing some kid friendly craft tutorials to make some fun, star themed goodies. Up first, a ribbon bookmark with sparkly stars!



To make a bookmark, you will need:
Ribbon, felt, glitter, rhinestones, felt glue, scissors, measuring tape or ruler, star stencil, wax paper or scrap paper to catch glitter :) 
To make my stars, I used star cookie cutters to trace the shape on paper, then pinned the paper pattern to the felt to cut out the stars. You can use any star shaped item or stencil, or draw a star freehand :) You can also use a fabric pen or a fine tipped marker to trace the shape directly onto your felt. 

Cut a 14" length of ribbon, four larger stars, and four smaller stars. I stacked my felt and cut two stars at a time, so they matched up nicely in the next step. I also rounded the corners so they are less pointy. You can leave them pointy if you prefer.
- for the ribbon, I suggest one without wire in the edges. 

Time to assemble! Spread glue on one large star, around the edge. I recommend a felt glue, to make sure it will hold well. 

Put an extra spot of glue to secure the ribbon. 

Tiny bit more glue on top of the ribbon. (Put another dot of glue on top of the ribbon as well.)

Place the other large star on top of the glue, press together firmly. Repeat with smaller star, spreading glue around the edge. 

Then place the smaller star inside the big one.

Repeat on the other end of the ribbon :) 

Decorate! Add gems as needed, with a dot of glue. 
If a little glue seeps out around the gems, don't worry. It will dry clear. 

Let them dry overnight, then start reading! 

For glittery stars, assemble as in the previous steps, until you have one star on each end of the ribbon. 

Put wax paper or a spare sheet of plain paper under your star for the next steps.
One at a time, spread glue over each side of each star. It may be helpful to use a toothpick for this step. 

Sprinkle glitter over wet glue, covering completely. 
(This is the funnest step)

I chose purple and gold - use any colors you like!

Let glitter stars dry at least overnight. 

Ta-da! Finished bookmarks! Try some different colors, or glitter decorations.
Maybe use some fabric pens, beads, sequins, get creative! 

You're all ready to read THE STAR THIEF!
(This handy bookmark will work on any book you choose :)

Have fun making some dazzling star bookmarks, and stay tuned for more fun ideas as we get ready for a star themed adventure! 

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