Saturday, March 20, 2010

What have you been up to, eh?

Good gravy it's been almost a month.
What's been going on?

Around here, I've been
- revising ms 1, for 2010, Year of the Agent.
- setting off the smoke alarms every time I made dinner for about 2 weeks running.
- painting in the mornings with Cate Junior.
- more revising.
- worrying about the old, old car that's starting to make weird noises and smells...
- more revising
- reading sample pages from new crit buddies- you guys are some good writers!
- more revising
- getting some pleasantly surprising feedback on parts of ms 2, which I was feeling less than love about, but seems to be hooking the readers.
- more revising!! It's like working out, man. Pointless if you don't do it every day.
- seeing lots of movies.
- reading Chamber of Secrets with CJ. He's five now, and getting bored with pbs already (tear) so we've moved on to HP, and he's loving it.

And of course, revisions.

So, what is everyone else doing?

I have to go turn off the smoke alarm, and take the potatoes out of the oven.
Oh, and call my little brother... it's his birthday!