Saturday, December 29, 2018

More Writing = More Reading + Kittens

So it's the last cold, cruddy days of 2018, and it was a wild year. We ended up doing a bunch of home repairs/improvements over the summer and fall, then it was Etsy store season for me, and now we're almost ready to wrap this up and dig into a fresh new year. 

But first, there was one more surprise in store for us this year, and a nice one this time. Meet Kevin! 

Charmed, I'm sure

The best thing besides scratching posts is Christmas Trees!

If you can't find this cat, check the tub. He likes to ambush unsuspecting bathroom visitors

Kevin came to join the family at the beginning of December, when he was just 10 weeks old. He was a very scared and shy little fellow when we first met him, but with a lot of patience from my teenage son, he started to open up a little, and has become a regular 'ol rambunctious baby cat. He likes to cuddle, he loves his big cat brothers, and he LOVES food. So he should be nice and big and fluffy in no time! As for me, I have a lot of writing to do in the next few months, which means I also have a lot of reading to do - and little Kevin here is already learning that the laptop or a book, especially with a mug of coffee, means a nice warm lap to rest on for at least an hour or two. 

Being a writer's cat really is the best of all 9 lives. 

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