Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Film

Yesterday was the first production meeting for the new film. We are privileged to be working with some fantastic actors, and shooting is scheduled to start next month.

While I'm submerged in this project, it has given me some time to slow down, and learn to be patient with the ms.

Rushing is my biggest problem-wanting it to be done as soon as possible. Writing every day keeps me motivated and activated, but it doesn't mean I'm doing my best work.

Plus, my reading is falling woefully behind. Happily, it was book sale day at the library last week, so for 3 bucks, I picked up a grocery bag full of goodness to tear through until The Boneshaker comes out in next month.

What are you eagerly waiting for?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Honesty in Dedications

Let's be honest...
Who really deserves the credit for getting you through that book?
When it all comes down to it, what really got you through the minutes, hours, days, months and years from that first word on the page to completed manuscript, or better yet, printed and bound copy with that legit publisher's logo stamped in gold on the spine?

Mine would be hot cocoa and preschool. Seriously. I get so much more done with them in my life. It's nice to be so simple.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Books of all kinds

You might have been there... so deep in revisions that every minute is problem solving. You're writing while you're driving. You're writing while you're working. You're writing while you're shopping, chopping onions, tilling the flowerbeds, getting dressed, cleaning the house, sending emails, paying the bills, washing the car... just... all the freaking time.
It was time to take a mental break. A little time where I kept the laptop/notepad at least 20 feet away, so I couldn't drop everything to write notes, or jot down a revision of some particularly stubborn sentence.

And to do that, I have to work on something else. Which happens to be books. Ha!
I love fabric. I love chopping it up and making new things. (like writing much??) So I chopped up some fabric and made some journals.

And then some bookmarks to go along.

The way to take a break from making books is sometimes to make more books.