Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Literary Cinema

Mr. Cate has finally completed his second film, Dove, and is already beginning to edit his next piece, Ashley, as the second installment of his nature themed trilogy. I worked very closely with him on the first two films, though when it comes to writing, we like to tell very different types of stories. I write middle grade steampunk (and have dabbled in YA dystopian) and he strives for authenticity and realism in his work, which I find much more literary than my own.

This next film has been shot experimentally, and I have to say, it's been exciting to see footage that is "new", something that was filmed when I wasn't standing just off camera with notes and a production schedule and a shot list. Here's the first little sample, with a taste of the score from our own Mr. Jeff Scott Townsend.
(Yes, this is the right music now)