Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Godspeed, NaNoers!

Good luck to everyone out there in the home stretch. You're over the halfway point, but still with plenty of running room to finish this race in style.
As for me, well, I toyed with the idea. I looooove drafting. Love it. Drafting something new is probably my favorite part of the writing process. Revisions get messy, and are full of decisions and second guesses. First drafts are just a wild alcohol fueled road trip through the desert of wonders and fever dreams. For me, anyway. I am a poor planner when it comes to road trips and new manuscripts.
So the temptation to do my own NaNo every month is strong. So strong.
But, I had to start the month out finishing the revision of my #1 manuscript, and getting it back out into the world.
After that I have three other manuscripts that are whole things, but not very good whole things yet. They need time and attention and piano lessons and lots of healthy home cooked meals to turn them into something presentable.
 After that I have at least 5 or 6  very early first drafts that are more nebulous collections of ideas and character sketches than manuscripts. They need even more work. More dozens of revisions before they are even ready for beta readers.
So, no time for falling in love with some new story, Dr. Jones. I have neglected manuscript children to tend to  before I go out and adopt three or four more. Though I really want to. I did put a few thousand words of something super brand new down in a brand new file before I stopped myself, went back to my second most polish manuscript, and discovered major fixes for some major flaws that have been hanging me up for way too long.

So instead of running this race, I'll be the kid by the curb holding up the encouraging sign and cheering you on as you go on to finish the marathon and inspire the rest of us. Now get going. You'll be able to see the finish line around the next bend.