Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In Which I Have Not Written The Wrong Year On Anything - Yet

Five days in, and I have remembered that it is a new year every one of them.
Probably the first time in my adult life that has happened.
This is the place for the obligatory end of the year wrap-up, and new year goal setting, so let's knock them out in one post, yeah?
Last year, I did not read as many books as I wanted to. I did not write as much new material as I wanted to. I definitely did not put as many miles on the running shoes as I did in '14.
I did make some fantastic progress on my writing that already existed.
I also spent much of the year with the company of my husband and little son, as both of the gainfully employed adults here are now working from home. I have to say, I love it. We might be turning into a collection of hermits, but we're happy little hermits, for the most part.
We also got ourselves a shiny old dog. I highly recommend. He gets us out of the house and onto our feet every few hours, adds extra warmth to all snuggly locations during cold winter times, and dutifully alerts us to any knocks and doorbells, even if they are coming from the television or computer, because you just never know.
Goals for the coming year include Finishing Many Started Writing Projects, breaking in my brand new running shoes, refinishing a few pieces of old furniture (for which I have all of the supplies, but none of the motivation...)
I've already read 2 & 3/4 books. So just, keep that up.
And that's about it. Things are going well over here. It would be lovely to have another year just like the last one.

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