Monday, January 23, 2017

Final, Official Cover!

After a few minor revisions, I'm delighted to reveal the new, final cover for THE STAR THIEF!!

This is the front :D 

And this is the full cover, with all text & bells & whistles!
From how it's been described, the final, printed version is going to be amazing! 

Everyone's questions involve if/how much input I had in the cover design.
Answer is, not much :D
My editor did suggest this for the cover image while we were working on the manuscript, which I thought was a fantastic idea - when I was a kid, I would have gone for the book with the pegasus on the cover first thing - and when I saw the first draft and there were Honorine and Francis soaring across the night sky on Pegasus, well, I never thought this little story would ever get this far. It's amazing and humbling.

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Mirka Breen said...

This is one stunningly beautiful and inspiring cover.