Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Year New Projects

Here I am at the start of a three day writing weekend, and realizing I haven't updated in way too long.

The Star Thief will be out in paperback in April. Very cool, more to come on that as we get closer.
I did not finish NaNo last year. Boo. November was the middle of heavy work on another project, which took up most of my writing time. I did however get a great start on another project, which I hope to dive back into soon.
I find myself in a weird stage as an author, one I hadn't really anticipated pre-publication. It's a land of submitting work on proposal, so instead of writing and revising whole novels, I'm working on sample chapters and synopses. Lots of synopses.
As a panster, I find this challenging. I like to figure out where my story is going during the very first experimental drafting phase. Now I have to work it all out before I really get started on the body of the novel. Ah well. It's a great problem to have. Challenges create growth, and the most important thing I want to accomplish as a writer is to keep moving, keep growing, keep improving. There's never a finish line, just the next leg of the race.

So right now I'm working on about six WIPs at the same time. Here's hoping some of those bottles floating out to sea find a home out there in the wider world.

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